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How Asphalt Resurfacing Increases Land Value

June 5, 2020

As any savvy business owner can tell you, if you can think of a way to give your business a leg up on the competition, you should take advantage of it. Of course, while you’re poring over price points or planning marketing campaigns, it’s important not to overlook the basic necessities. For example, you wouldn’t want the outside of your business falling into disrepair. That’s why you paint regularly and wash your sidewalk and building facade. The same goes for your parking lot. If it has been several years or your parking lot is showing signs of stress, you could... View Article

Why You Should Sealcoat Your Driveway

May 18, 2020

Asphalt parking lots, driveways, sidewalks and roads require regular care and maintenance. One way to make asphalt maintenance easier is to have it sealcoated. Here are the top six reasons why you should consider sealcoating your driveway in Des Moines, IA: Extends the life of the pavement: Experts in the asphalt business recommend adding a layer of sealcoating to your asphalt parking lot or driveway to extend the life of the paved surface. This layer can help protect the surface from the elements year after year, which is very important as the colder months approach. Cold temperatures, moisture and frost... View Article

Signs It’s Time for Asphalt Repair

May 7, 2020

When asphalt is cared for properly, it can last for decades, but all asphalt must be repaired or replaced eventually. However, asphalt repair in Des Moines, IA can be costly, so many property owners delay this project for weeks, months or even years. Unfortunately, delaying asphalt repair can cause even more problems that rack up additional costs. With that in mind, it’s worth it to consider some signs that it’s time for asphalt repair for your driveway, road or parking lot. Look out for these signs to indicate it’s time for asphalt repair in Des Moines, IA: Drainage problems: One... View Article

Things You Should Know About Asphalt Resurfacing

May 4, 2020

Even though asphalt surfaces like parking lots, roads and driveways are made to last a long time, they need your help to remain durable year after year. This includes regular cleaning and maintenance, taking action on asphalt repairs as soon as possible and resurfacing if needed. Resurfacing is usually a good option once asphalt becomes littered with cracks, pits and potholes. Resurfacing covers the entire area, and it costs a lot less that having the asphalt ripped up and repaved. Add sealcoating and your surface will be like new, ready to be reliable for years to come. You might be... View Article

When to Sealcoat or Repave Asphalt

April 23, 2020

Asphalt is designed to last for decades, but it’s essential to invest time into asphalt care and maintenance to keep it in the best condition possible. As time goes by, asphalt naturally starts to develop cracks, holes and imperfections that must be addressed with repair or repaving services. If your asphalt needs some attention, but you’re unsure about whether you need repaving or sealcoating in Des Moines, IA, keep reading for some tips and tricks to help you decide. Sealcoating basics Asphalt sealcoating in Des Moines, IA is a preventative maintenance service that keeps asphalt protected from weatherization and heavy... View Article

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