What Goes Into Determining the Cost of Paving a Parking Lot?

What Goes Into Determining the Cost of Paving a Parking Lot?

September 24, 2019

When it comes to parking lot paving in Des Moines, IA, the price is often the first thing that comes up in the conversation. After all, nobody wants to be hit with a surprisingly huge bill once the asphalt contractor is finished with the job. On average, a parking lot costs about $5 per square foot, but a lot of different factors can impact the actual number. With this in mind, we’ve put together this post to help you better understand how we arrive at that number on your estimate:

  • Size: Obviously, the bigger your parking lot, the more expensive it’ll be to pave. Why? Because larger parking lots require more materials and more manhours. Talk with your asphalt contractor to determine how big your parking lot actually needs to be to ensure you don’t overpay for parking lot paving.
  • Slope: Are you paving on a flat surface, or are you trying to install a parking lot on a hill? A parking lot on a flat plot of land is less expensive to install because it requires less work before actually paving. A parking lot on a hill, on the other hand, will necessitate quite a bit of expensive earthmoving before we get to work.
  • Drainage requirements: You might not realize it, but a lot more goes into constructing a parking lot than simply paving it. One of the important aspects of parking lot paving is drainage. Without a proper drainage system in place, water will pool up and cause potholes in the long run. A more extensive drainage system will ultimately cost more money.
  • Striping: Nobody wants chaos in their parking lot, which is why you’ll need to have it striped. The cost for striping the parking spots depends on how many spaces you want in your lot. The good news is that we also perform this service, so we’re truly your one-stop shop for parking lot paving!

How to save on paving costs

The good news is that repaving your parking lot doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Follow these tips and you’ll save a ton of money when it’s time to pay your asphalt contractor:

  • Get multiple estimates: Never go with the first estimate you receive. Instead, shop around and see what contractors are charging for their services. You shouldn’t automatically go with the lowest quote, but it’s good to have an idea of what every contractor charges.
  • Identify risks early: There will undoubtedly be some sort of issues that arise during your parking lot construction. If your contractor knows about these problems early, he can try to avoid them and save you some money and headache.
  • Hire the right team: Choosing the right paving contractor can save you a bundle down the road. A quality contractor will do a quality job, ensuring that you don’t have any long-term issues that’ll necessitate expensive repairs.

Regardless of the size of your parking lot or where it’s located, be sure to choose Pearce Paving for parking lot paving in Des Moines, IA! We provide both the best service and the most competitive rates in town, ensuring your parking lot looks great and you don’t break the bank.

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